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Bishop Mule Days Celebration - Bishop, CA - Memorial Day Weekend - May 25th - 30th 2021
Bishop Mule Days Celebration Bishop Mule Days Celebration Bishop Mule Days Celebration Bishop Mule Days Celebration

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Click for new jack listing Garrett donkey picture on USA postage stampsWe were honored when we learned that a Garrett donkey is now pictured on a USA postage stamp. Click to read the detailed news article with photos.

Once again this spring, we thoroughly enjoyed Bishop Mule Days Celebration in California. Our cowboys have been working recently to get some new Riding Donkeys GARRETT BROKE. Please give us a call and learn what is available. Now is the time to realize your dream of owning a Garrett Saddle Donkey! We want all of our clients, customers, and even the "just curious" folks to know you're invited, even encouraged to come here and ride these riding donkeys for yourself. We'll try to make your visit a pleasant one, whether you buy an animal or not.

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We are excited about the 2021 foaling season! Please check out the Spring Foals page for all of the new additions. This is your chance to own a Garrett Donkey from the class of 2021.

The Garrett family

Located in Eastern Oklahoma, more currently referred to as Green Country, is GARRETT MAMMOTH JACKSTOCK in Stilwell, Oklahoma. Bill and Gina Garrett along with their daughter Becca and Grandson Dozer operate the family owned business. Raising and maintaining their herd of 100 Mammoth Donkeys keeps everyone busy.

Starting over 35 years ago with one jack and several mares, our farm has grown into Oklahoma's largest herd of Mammoth Donkeys. In the infancy of our farm we found it harder and harder to find quality mammoth jacks, so we purchased a few mammoth jennies to have jack foals coming on at all times. We now raise about 30 colts every year to keep up the growing demand of these extraordinary equines. Our love for the donkeys grew over the horses and mules so we choose to specialize in the donkeys.

We have five herd sires that we will be using this Spring. These five jacks are 15 to 16 hands tall and display and exemplify many of the nations top bloodlines. We have sons and daughters available at all times for your inspection.

In the mid 1980's we began breaking saddle donkeys to ride. Having a broke to ride donkey was unheard of during that time and many people laughed and joked when we went on rides on our mammoth donkeys. Bill always said from day one that the demand for these wonderful riding donkeys would someday be the superior way to go on a trail ride. Time has proven him right, and the demand for saddle donkeys has increased greatly. Bill always tells our customers that if you are past the point in your life of wanting to ride a cutting horse or mule and just to take a ride and enjoy the scenery the saddle donkey is the ride of choice. The growing popularity of these animals is keeping us busy riding and training daily. We've had several national winners of the donkey race in Bishop California, 1st place ribbon at the Great Celebration Show in the donkey barrel race in Shelbyville, Tennessee, Grand Champion Jennet and Reserve Grand Champion Jack at the Missouri State Fair and many other winners in many different classes at shows across the nation.

We welcome all visitors to come look, whether you are a serious buyer or just a curious looker. We invite you to ride our saddle donkeys and find out for yourself what a comfortable rocking chair ride really is. We will be happy to provide you with a reference list of our customers, many of whom have become lifelong friends.

We take pride in our animals and strive to find the perfect fit for you.

Becca Garrett at Bishop Mule Days 2015

Becca Garrett at Bishop Mule Days

Becca at Bishop Mule Days

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